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Perfect Kite for Beginners - EASY TO ASSEMBLE & FLY � kid-friendly kite comes with simple assembly instructions. This single string kite is an easy flyer kite designed to be stable, easy for kids to launch and fly. It looks spectacular in the air, the kids will be so proud when they see their kite flying! - GET OFF THE SCREENS - Get your kids outdoors enjoying outdoor play that gets them active and healthy. Build coordination skills by teaching them how to launch and fly a kite! - QUALITY FAMILY TIME - Make special memories that your family will cherish forever. Enjoy peace of mind knowing our diamond kite has been fully tested to Australian Quality Standards - AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2016. - PERFECT GIFT FOR BOYS AND GIRLS - Looking for great outdoor activities for kids? Our kite makes the perfect kids gifts and keeps them entertained for ages! Get one for your family and friends! - PERFECT SIZE FOR LITTLE KITE FLYERS - Our kids kite is the perfect size for kids. It's beautifully bright and fun to fly. This beginners kite is made of non-toxic materials, high quality ripstop fabric and comes with 100m kite string with reel. ActivePlay4Kids is an Australian, family owned business encourages children's development through active play. Our fun products help parents enhance and develop their child's gross and fine motor skills. Kite ACTIVEPLAY KITE: The kite is 208cm long x 108cm wide, made of high-quality ripstop fabric with strong rods as the central support to keep the rainbow kite safe and stable. Comes with easy to hold premium flat kite winder with durable 100m kite string reel and easy step by step assembly instructions. OUTDOOR KIDS: Get your kids off the screen and provide kids outdoor play that they will love while enjoying a fun family activity. Kites for kids are easy to fly and perfect kites for boys and girls. FAMILY FUN TIMES: Kids kites have a magic and mystery that have delighted kids and adults alike for generations. These kites for the beach or park are a great family connecting activity. KINESTHETIC AWARENESS: Learning to launch and control these kites for children will develop coordination/practical critical thinking. Teaches posture and movement (shifting weight, movement of body) while launching the kite and keeping it in the air. GROSS MOTOR SKILLS: Interacting with the easy flyer kite increases hand eye coordination when the movement of the wind changes direction and speed. SELF CONFIDENCE: Your kids will gain confidence launching their kite and seeing it flying so majestically. It will require practice and guidance from an adult. A great activity to do together. CONCENTRATION: Improve concentration span in the real world (not on screens) as your kids interact with the kite trying to keep it in the air. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 30-day full refund guarantee on return for any reason, Buy this kite with confidence! Kids kite
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